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Artikelnummer: BE650G2
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APC Back-BE650G2-GR - Noodstroomvoeding 8x stopcontact, 650VA, 1 USB oplader, 1 USB datapoort UPS - Zwart kenmerken

APC Back-UPS BE650G2-GR - Noodstroomvoeding 8x stopcontact, 650VA, 1 USB oplaad poort

APC Back-UPS BE650G2-GR - Noodstroomvoeding 8x stopcontact, 650VA, 1 USB oplader, 1 USB datapoort, Stand-by (Offline), 650 VA, 400 W, Compact, Zwart

The new APC™ Back-UPS™ UPS models provide your home and office devices with battery backup and surge protection.

The BE650G2-GR features total battery backup outlets with an increased power capacity, USB charging ports for your mobile devices, and manageability features for convenience and peace of mind during power disturbances and outages.

BE650G2-GR at a Glance:
•8 total outlets: 6 battery backup, 2 surge protection only
•26 minutes of runtime at 100 watts
•USB Port (Type A)
•Mute Button

How it Works

Your home and home office devices are sensitive to power damage. The BE650G2-GR provides power protection from dangerous surges or spikes in voltage, protecting your valuable device and data.

Stay connected to the critical devices you depend on even when the power goes out. Maintain an internet connection during a power disturbance for up to 5 hours during a power disturbance depending on the watts of plugged-in-devices.

Where to use a Back-UPS BE650G2-GR

With 8 total outlets, USB connection ports, a mute button and more manageability features the APC Back-UPS BE650G2-GR protects more, more simply

At your Desk
Give yourself the time to save documents and gracefully shut down your computer without the harsh impact on your electronics of a sudden power loss.

In the Living Room
Stay connected via the internet to stream content, keep your smart home devices running, use your smartphone and more when the power goes out.

What’s in the Box:
•APC Back-UPS BE650G2-GR
•User manual

Need a type A to B USB cable to connect your ups to a NAS/PC? Get a free one @ www.apc.com/usbcable