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Bubble Machine

The B-100 is a bubble machine from Antari and it fits perfectly in the already existing fogger-range. The B-100 is available in two versions:

• Standard version: controllable by timer-remote or wireless remotecontrol.
• DMX version.

This unit can be controlled by DMX, if desired.\' Users can control it with a timer remote or a wireless remote.\' This machine will be perfect for people who want a little more versatility in a bubble machine.\' It is a reliable, very attractive machine that offers a lot of options to the user, e.g. how they want to control it.

Technical Info
• Optional A/C remote, for an extremely economical unit.
• Optional D/C remote, options include timer remote, wireless remote.
• Optional DMX adapter.
• Spout at front of unit eliminates dripping of bubble liquid. The liquid will run back into the tank. Also for quick, easy liquid refill.
• Casing swings open by removing two thumb screws; very easy, very quick.
• Large output.
• Attractive casing.
• Hanging bracket included


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