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This professional metal detector kit includes everything you need, right out of the box. The metal detector itself features a LCD control unit with automatic background colour/contrast adjustment for improved visibility in all conditions, clear object response indicator and target identification, sensitivity adjustment and unwanted target elimination, waterproof speaker, headphone jack and volume control, battery indicator, waterproof search coil for use in shallow water, adjustable stem plus comfortable armrest with a nylon cover for improved grip. The kit also includes a weatherproof canvas cover for the control unit with a clear plastic screen for use in wet weather, a set of headphones, a plastic scoop for sifting your finds, a foldable metal shovel with built-in compass in the handle and a smart, canvas carry case to keep your metal detector kit safe during transport or storage. It would make an ideal upgrade for those looking to take their hobby more seriously.
• Professional quality metal detector with waterproof coil
• Kit includes everything you need to get started - out of the box
• LED Control Panel with numerous settings, options and adjustments
• Supplied with headphones, control unit cover, scoop, shovel and carry bag
• An ideal upgrade for those looking to take their hobby more seriously
Colour Black
Battery 6x AA (not supplied)
Headphone Socket 3.5 mm
Discriminator Ferrous/Non-Ferrous/Aluminium


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