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Artikelnummer: EZM328/KIT
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Extra informatie


Dit is een bouwpakket, moet nog in elkaar gesoldeerd worden

- using the 2016 version of the latest V1.12K software, using M328 chip,, more features, in addition to the basic functions, as well as extensions.
- micro-controller uses 8MHz external crystal, the measurement accuracy is better.
- affect the accuracy of the relevant resistance using a thousandth of a metal film resistors, and the remaining one percent is also used metal film resistors.
-.LCD using 12864 LCD screen that can display measured data and graphics.
- main chip dual in-line and with a socket, ideal for electronics enthusiasts upgrade or replace the chip.
- uses 9V laminated battery.
- All components are made ??of high quality genuine. LCD screen for low power backlit screen, the backlight current of about 2mA, so after boot time has backlighting for
  easy use in the dark
- Dimensions: 72 (W) X 85 (high) X22 (depth) mm.
- Weight: about100grams.
- The Working Current: 9V voltage, stable operating current of about 20mA.

The basic function

- One-button operation, automatic shutdown.
- Shutdown current is only about 20nA.
- Adopt 8MH crystal.
- Can automatically detect NPN, PNP bipolar transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOS FET, JFET, diodes, dual diode, thyristor small power unidirectional and
  bidirectional thyristor.
- Automatic identification pin arrangement of components.
- Current amplification factor and base 6 measuring bipolar transistor - emitter threshold voltage.
- Can be extremely via the base - emitter threshold voltage and high-current amplification factor identification Darlington transistors.
- Protection diodes can detect bipolar transistors and MOS transistors.
- Measuring MOS FET gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance.
- Can simultaneously measure two resistors and resistor symbol is displayed. 4-digit display with decimal value 11 on the right. Resistance symbol is displayed on both
  sides of the pin number. So you can measure the potentiometer. If the potentiometer wiper position will not be transferred to a certain extreme, we can distinguish
  between the middle and both ends of the pins.
- Rresistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohms, 50M ohms can be measured.
- Can measure capacitance. Capacitor symbol is displayed on the right display values ??can be displayed with a decimal four values. Can measure the capacitance of
  30pF-100mF resolution 1pF.
  13.2uF more capacitors can measure the value of the equivalent series resistance ESR. The two values ??can be displayed with a decimal, resolution 0.01 ohms.
  Two diodes 14 can be displayed in the correct order and a diode symbol, and gives the diode forward voltage.
- LED is detected as a diode, a higher forward voltage. Combo of the LED is recognized as two diodes.
- Reverse breakdown voltage is less than 4.5V zener diode can be identified.
- Can measure a single diode reverse capacitance. If the connection base and collector of the bipolar transistor or the emitter of a pin, or the reverse can be measured or
  the collector junction capacitance of the emitter junction.
- With a single measurement can get connections rectifier bridge.
- Although the measurement limit capacitance of 25pF, but you can be measured by the measured capacitance with a known volume of at least 25pF capacitor in parallel,
  then the measure will result in parallel capacitance obtained by subtracting