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Elektronisch draadloos weerstation met touchscreen en rs232aansluiting

Bestellen: LA CROSSE WS3600

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Algemene informatie

Artikelnummer   WS3600
Type   -
Internet   -


Uw prijs   226,05   273,52
    (excl. BTW)   (incl. BTW 21%)

Aantal   Excl. BTW   Incl. BTW 21%
1+   226,05   273,52
5+   203,44   246,16

Extra informatie

The WS-3600 Base Receiver has the Following Features:

Large LCD touch screen display activates with the slightest touch
DCF-77 time display with manual setting and alarm
DCF-77 controlled calendar
Automatically adjusts for daylight saving time (ON/OFF function too)
Display of extensive weather data, in all cases with programmable alarm functions for certain weather conditions as well as records of all minimum and maximum values along with time and date of their recordings
Indoor and outdoor temperature display in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
Indoor and outdoor relative humidity displays
Air pressure reading in inHg or hPa, absolute or relative
Detailed display of rainfall data in 1 hour, 24 hours, total since last reset in inch or mm
Wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort
Wind direction display with LCD compass as well as numerical (e.g. 225) and abbreviated characters (e.g. SW)
Wind chill temperature display
Dew point temperature display
Weather forecast display by weather icons (sunny, cloudy, rainy)
Displays weather forecast history since last change in conditions
Weather tendency indicator
Storm warning alarm
Bright EL back light
COM port for easy connection to your PC
All the weather data from the base receiver station and up to 1750 sets of weather history data (with user adjustable measuring intervals) can be recorded and uploaded to your PC

225 x 35 x 155 mm
Power Consumption:
Base Receiver Station: 3 x IEC LR6 1.5 V batteries or AC Power: INPUT 240V AC 50HZ
(adapter unit included)
Outdoor Temperature Range: -40C + 59.8C
Humidity Range: 1% to 99%

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