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Handscanner 200 kanaals 25-88mhz, 108-174mhz, 406-512mhz, 800-960mhz


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Algemene informatie

Artikelnummer   92XLT
Omschrijving   HANDSCANNER 200 KANAALS 25-88MHZ,
108-174MHZ, 406-512MHZ, 800-960MHZ 
Type   -
Internet   -


Uw prijs   116,81   141,34
    (excl. BTW)   (incl. BTW 21%)

Aantal   Excl. BTW   Incl. BTW 21%
1+   116,81   141,34
3+   110,96   134,26


Extra informatie

Identical to the UBC-72XLT apart from having 200 memories instead of 100. A popular scanner, this bearcat features Uniden’s “Close call” RF Capture technology, allowing the scanner to detect and then scan the nearest transmission. Perfect for finding frequencies at Air shows, sports events, shopping centres or generally out and about.

Feature Highlights:

Close Call RF Capture Technology

Frequency Range: 25 - 88 MHz, 108 - 174 MHz, 406 - 512 MHz, 800 – 960 MHz

CHAIN SEARCH – lets you enter personal search bands in 10 locations and search all locations in a chain of frequency bands.

TRIPLE-CONVERSION CIRCUITRY – virtually eliminates any interference from IF images so you only hear the selected frequency.

CHANNEL STORAGE BANKS – the scanner has ten banks, and you can store up to 20 frequencies in each bank for a total of 200 memories for easy channel storage and recall.

TWO SECOND SCAN DELAY – delays scanning for about 2 seconds before moving to another channel to you can hear any reply made on the same channel. Almost eliminates irritating broken conversations!

LOCK OUT FUNCTION – lets you set your scanner to skip over specified channels or frequencies when searching or scanning.

PRIORITY CHANNELS – lets you program one channel in each bank (10 in all) and then have the scanner check that channel every 2 seconds while it scans the bank so you don’t miss calls on those channels.

KEY LOCK – lets you lock the scanner’s keys to avoid accidental changes to the operating mode or programming.

DIRECT ACCESS – lets you directly access any channel.

DISPLAY BACKLIGHT – makes the display easy to read in low-light situations.

FLEXIBLE ANTENNA WITH BNC CONNECTOR – provides excellent reception in strong signal areas and also works with weaker signal strengths. It’s flexibility means it is much less likely to break than solid telescopic antennas. Alternatively, you can connect an external antenna.

EXTENDED MEMORY BACKUP – keeps the frequencies stored in memory for an extended time if the scanner loses power (e.g. the batteries go flat).

DUAL POWER OPTIONS – the scanner can operate from internal batteries (high capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries are supplied as standard) or from the supplied mains adapter / charger.

KEY CONFIRMATION TONES – the scanner sounds a tone when you successfully complete an operation and gives warning tones if an error is made.

BATTERY LOW ALERT – lets you know battery power is low instead of just switching off with no warning.

Supplied accessories:

2 x AA NiMH AA rechargeable batteries
1 x mains adapter / charger
1 x BNC flexible Antenna
1 x belt clip
Owners Manual

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